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GIHN Position Statement

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Global Indoor Health Network - Position Statement
It's time for a comprehensive public health response

It is time to move beyond the focus of “establishing the fact of mold disease,” because it has already been established in numerous research papers and in the treatment of thousands of patients.  It is time for our national and world leaders to develop a comprehensive public health response to this devastating epidemic that has the potential to cripple our individual and collective futures.

We have highlighted the extensive research which clearly demonstrates many of these principles and look forward to collaborative efforts in this search for better health and safer living and working conditions.

The Global Indoor Health Network's Position Statement is titled:

Common Toxins in Our Homes, Schools and Workplaces

The first section of the paper titled "Global Burden of Indoor Air Contaminants" presents statistics and financial costs relating to the health effects of indoor air contaminants and the impact on our global economy.

It is staggering to comprehend the enormous impact on our global society as literally millions of individuals and families are harmed by contaminants inside our homes, schools and workplaces.  The financial costs are equally staggering with estimates in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

The statistics presented in this paper should catch the attention of every physician, every lawmaker and every layperson.

Part I and II of the paper discuss a variety of indoor air contaminants.  
  • Part I covers indoor contaminants other than mold--including asbestos, lead, radon, bacteria, fragrances, chemicals, etc. 
  • Part II focuses on the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of illness caused by indoor mold.
The final section is a Call to Action.  It lays out 18 action items that need to be implemented in order to move this issue forward.

Click here to read the GIHN position statement.
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