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Global Indoor Health Network - Members
The Global Indoor Health Network is a dedicated group of scientists, physicians, researchers, building engineers, indoor air quality experts, industrial hygienists, attorneys, teachers, injured workers, advocates and others who are working together to promote healthy indoor environments in homes, schools and businesses.

GIHN membership is continuing to grow.  We currently have members throughout the U.S. (U.S. Members) and in 11 other countries (International Members).

If you support our Vision and Mission and would like to join us, please Contact Us to request the membership information.

DISCLAIMER:  GIHN does not endorse any service providers or products.  The GIHN Membership list provides only basic information on the individuals and businesses who are members of the Global Indoor Health Network.

The choice of a physician, indoor air expert or other service provider is entirely yours.  As you would do when hiring any service provider, be sure to check references, credentials, fees, insurance policies, warranties, etc.

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