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Global Indor Health Network
Global Indoor Health Network
Global Indoor Health Network
Working Together for Healthy Indoor Environments
in our homes, schools and businesses

About Us

The Global Indoor Health Network is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing education and awareness of the health effects of mold and other indoor contaminants.

Our worldwide network of scientists, physicians, researchers, indoor air quality experts, attorneys, teachers, injured workers, advocates and others are working together to promote healthy indoor environments in homes, schools and businesses.

We have united to share our collective knowledge, expertise and life experiences to advance the understanding and awareness of this very important public health issue.
Global Indoor Health Network

With much sadness, we are sorry to tell you that Dr. Jack Thrasher passed away on Friday, January 27, 2017. The world has lost a great friend, colleague and researcher. 

Dr. Thrasher worked tirelessly throughout his life to advance the science in the field of toxicology. He freely shared his knowledge and expertise with everyone. His courage, determination and willingness to speak out will be remembered by all, and his work will live on. 

To read our special newsletter dedicated to Dr. Thrasher, click here.


Our vision is a global community of individuals and organizations working together to ensure that comprehensive information and guidance concerning medical treatment, investigative techniques and solutions are available to address the effects of contaminants in the indoor environment of homes, schools and businesses.


Our mission is to proactively participate with others in the public and private sector to promote accurate health policy, strive for consistent guidelines, and advance education and awareness to ensure healthy indoor environments for individuals and families around  the globe.

Helpful tip:

DO NOT use bleach. Some of the government agencies still recommend using bleach on mold. That information is not accurate. Biocides, including chlorine bleach, are toxic to humans and animals. 

From our position statement:

Using bleach on toxic molds "increases their toxicity by increasing their mutagenticity and their lipid solubility which allows these poisons to enter the skin and accumulate in lipid rich tissue such as fat deposits and the brain."

GIHN Membership

Would you like to become a Member of the Global Indoor Health Network?  There are no dues and only a brief membership application.
If you support our Vision and Mission and would like to apply for membership, please Contact Us.

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Global Indoor Health Network
PO Box 777308
Henderson, NV 89077-7308
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