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Global Indoor Health Network - Newsletters
The Global Indoor Health Network publishes Newsletters to help promote awareness and education of this important public health issue.  The Newsletters cover a variety of topics relating to indoor air quality.  

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IHN Table of Contents to search the Newsletters for specific topics.

GIHN Newsletters--Table of Contents

Images from some of the articles included in our Newsletters>>>

  • Federal Courthouse in Pensacola, Florida

  • Slide Title

    IAQ Experts at work

  • Slide Title

    Broward County Courthouse mold problems

  • Flooding in 63-story building

  • Lead poisoning

  • Construction defects

  • Toxic chemicals

  • Slide Title

    California Board of Equalization - mold problems

  • Fragrance-free zone

  • Hurricane Sandy damage

  • Mold-covered walls

  • Norfolk Naval Station mold problems

  • Mold problems in schools

  • Protect children from second-hand smoke

  • Disaster cleanup

  • Social Security Office closed due to mold

  • Mold in New York apartment

  • Hospital with mold problems

  • Hotel workers walk out due to mold problems

  • Hines VA Hospital mold problems

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