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Research Papers

Research Papers
Global Indoor Health Network - Research papers
The research is clear.  Mold and indoor contaminants can cause serious health problems. There are thousands of research papers regarding the health effects of indoor contaminants.  

It's important to remember that the naysayers ignore many of these papers in their ongoing strategy of misinformation and denial. 
Government agencies, mainstream medical organizations, teaching hospitals, allopathic physicians, insurance companies, defense attorneys, bought-and-paid-for defense witnesses and other naysayers will tell you that mold isn't harmful or that it effects only immune-compromised individuals. That is not true.

Read the GIHN papers to learn more about these important public health issues. As we state in our paper titled "Discussion of Naysayers and Deniers"...

In light of the overwhelming peer-reviewed and journal-published evidence to the contrary, it is unimaginable that such (naysayer) papers are still being inked, are still being used in courts as “evidence” and are still considered relevant in any way.

The following pages provide a partial list of research papers that can be used as a starting point to help you see some of the research available on this subject. This list will be updated periodically. 

If someone tells you that mold isn't harmful, they are incorrect. Please direct them to our website.

Refer to the following pages in this section to read abstracts and papers regarding research in this field.

Research Papers (A-E)

Research Papers (F-J)

Research Papers (K-O)

Research Papers (P-T)

Research Papers (U-Z)

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